About Us:

We're a mature PREMIERE mobile PT and WELLNESS business.

Our DIFFERENCE is that we DELIVER RESULTS, and that's guaranteed!*

Our 5 star GOOGLE feedback comes from a mix of time-starved parents, busy working professionals and those improving their later life experience!

We SAVE you TIME as we train you at your home, garden, local park, or even your gym!

We are CONVENIENT as we come to you! No more double journeys to the gym!

We "fit-around" your family / social life, rather than the other way around! NO MORE COMPROMISING PRECIOUS FAMILY TIME!

We try and include your family every step of your journey, meaning you get MOTIVATION & SUPPORT FROM EVERY POSSIBLE ANGLE!

We provide 7 DAY PLANS so that you can work toward your goal EACH & EVERY DAY if you want!

So, if your DIET PLAN is failing YOU?

Or if your GYM just simply isn't doing it for YOU?

Maybe its time for a CHANGE? 

"Together we can make the Difference! That's OUR promise to YOU! That's the SpaFitness Difference!"

Jem & Kay Drew

* See T&C's for details