The pitfalls of starting up a new PT business are often common to those experienced with starting an engineering or even a cleaning business!

First and foremost you need an amazing product/service to offer or be able to offer exceptional value, that sets you apart from your local competition! This may not just be other local PT's, but also local gyms, Spa's, sports clubs and local teams! Remember your services are a "discretionary spend" so what can you actually offer your prospective client?

Once you are clear with your USP ("Unique Selling Point"), you then need to get the message out there! Well that's easier said than done with online, social media, offline as well as the more "old-skool" social and business networking! Often the message will need to be "tweaked" for each marketing method and doing this whilst remaining "on point" for your USP can be critical...

These are just a few items that we can help with... With 30 years professional business experience, we can simplify and prioritise these business processes with you, and advise those which we feel will have the lowest cost and highest return... Sometimes it pays to invest and so be aware the FREE option isn't always the best way to proceed...

So if you feel you'd like some impartial, FREE advice, drop us an email to or call/text us on 07773771128.

We aim to provide a FREE service initially. Any costs incurred will be agreed upfront and there will be no nasty surprises! We're a PT company too remember and we want to do our small part to help build a better, more professional PT industry for us all to work in!

Please also take a look at our articles in PTMagazine where we add some more detail onto the above points and explore other business critical issues.

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